Guest Blog: Creation Director Lucy Morrell [FRANKENSTEIN RETOLD] The Gul Theater in Kingston

Working on the Predictor [Frank Stein Retold] has been the biggest challenge but also the absolute highlight of my career. Siren McConnell plays a complex story in which the audience is told a story within the characters as well as pieces.

Our Dr. Frank Stein character driven young scientist who is deeply affected by deficits and the desire for a better world. The play is delivered in a sophisticated setting where new technologies, like the original of my style, are used to create ash and potentially destructive creatures.

Working with nine former students of our Youth Theater has been an inspiring and exciting privilege. His raw abilities and fearless attitude have contributed incredibly well to the rehearsal process. The complexities of the story mean that we are constantly struggling to explain, which has sometimes been a challenge, but not once has they stopped questioning the relationship of the story and character.

I originally hosted the character in preparation for the Youth Theater in 2019, and I was asked to take a version of the play last October at the Oldenburg State Theater. I revived this production with a wonderful cast of nine students aged 18-21, along with my amazing Associate Director Josh Matheson.

The script had to be re-energized and re-energized to explore new possibilities. We worked hard on creating body language for the characters and introduced the transitional movement. With intricate shifting narratives, it was important that the story flowed.

Moving production into roses has been equally challenging and exciting. One of the great benefits of bringing Rose's production to the stage is that we have been able to work with a fantastic designer and set maker, Philip Connolly.

Set takes the form of an installation instead of a moving set. This gives us an opportunity to move forward in the story. It engages seamlessly with Dave Steamer's technology-inspired lighting.

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